Terms and Conditions for TennisGenie

All users of Tennis Genie must read and agree to the terms stated on this page prior to registering or activating a subscription. During the sign up process you’ll be asked to tick a box indicating you have done so.

TennisGenie.org collects personally identifying information and data about individuals, their company, and the companies demographics “personally identifying information and data” including (i) when you provide information to TennieGenie, such as when you register or sign up for any of our services. This information is never shared or sold. It’s purely used to deliver the service. By signing up to the TennisGenie service you agree to never share or distribute picks or give others access to your login information.

Earnings Disclaimer: The service is for long term investors. Clients looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme should look elsewhere. Tennis Genie are a strong advocate of responsible gambling. Profit cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of sports betting and variance. The monthly subscription fee funds the time and resources taken to research markets and identify value.

Refund Policy for TennisGenie

Membership subscription fee’s can be paid via PayPal or Stripe. Refunds can be requested within 24 hours of signing up. If the service isn’t delivered as described it can also be claimed. It is the members responsibility to check their subscription and to be aware of payment amounts and dates. Members are welcome to cancel their subscription at any time. If a subscriber chooses to do so their subscription will remain active for the full period paid for and no further payments will be taken. With annual memberships refunds cannot be provided unless the service is significantly different from the way it is described. In the case of overpayment or multiple subscriptions then free subscription time will be offered and credited. Agreements made are final however if additional charges are made by the subscription system due to technical errors then a full monetary refund will be provided.