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The Story Behind TennisGenie

TennisGenie was founded in 2012 by a group of former colleagues from a large sports betting exchange. The objective was to offer a service allowing serious sports bettors to adopt an investment approach and consequently generate an additional, reliable source of income. It’s a common misconception that all forms of ‘gambling’ lead to losses – this isn’t the case if expertise and bankroll management are combined. That’s what TennisGenie offers with its club membership packages.- a reliable method of generating an income.

There are individuals that have extensive knowledge of specific sports and spend countless hours researching matches and players. Bookmaker traders would struggle to compete with this level of expertise however for them there is a simple solution – limiting or even closing profitable accounts. This has happened for decades and is crucial for bookmakers.

As a direct result of this practice – most profitable punters head over to exchanges where there are no such restrictions. As former employees at such a site we’ve seen how many individuals managed to consistently achieve profit each and every month. In fact two of the founding members here at TennisGenie have been generating an income through tennis betting since 2010. We are different from a typical ‘tipster service’ as you’ll never find affiliate deals/links on our site. The vast majority of these sites offer ‘revenue share’ deals which means the only way we could make an income is through players we refer losing.

TennisGenie offers a simple exchange. Our teams expert betting advisory and investment strategy (including stake advice) for a modest monthly subscription fee. All our past and current results are monitored and published directly on our site. If you have any questions please contact our team

TennisGenie VIP Membership gives access to all picks (ATP,WTA & Challenger). Apply for Membership with no commitments or contracts – cancel anytime. Advisory delivered via email and also available in the members area.

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